Easter Basket Finds!

Growing up my mother always treated Easter like second Christmas - rooted in Jesus and fun gifts! My brother and I have the best memories of exploring through our Easter baskets and I’m planning to carry on the same tradition with my girls. Below you’ll find many of the items we chose to fill Dallas and Remi’s Easter baskets this year. Many are art based, a few fun activities for indoor/outdoor play, and several other creative surprises sure to make any toddler/baby smile. Enjoy!

1. Happy Handles Stamp Set- Dallas has really been into stamps lately so I knew I wanted to have stamps in her basket. I love these because of the chunky handles for Dallas and they are not a choking hazard for Remi.

2. Triton Flip n Go Cup - I loved this cup because of the flip top. The reviews claim zero leaking issues and highly favored by their toddlers. Win-win for me!

3. Umbrella- Dallas has been carrying around my umbrella for months. I decided it’s time she has her own! I loved the dots on this one and the clear design was super cute, too. The large handle will make it easy for a toddler/kid to carry.

4. Strawberry Teether - This is for Remi girl because although she has no teeth yet - they should be coming soon! It’s a terry cloth/ wash cloth material and you add ice for sore gums. She likes to chew things anyway and I know she will love this - if big sis doesn’t steal it first!

5. Eyelet Sun Hat - With the warmer weather lately we are spending more time outside and this hat is so sweet for Remi. Her little noggin doesn’t have much hair so I know the importance of protecting her skin from those rays!

6. Singing Baby Shark - Need I say more?! My girls loooove this song! It’s Amazon Prime, too!

7. Farm Book - Love this farm animal book for Remi! It’s so important to read even when we think they aren’t old enough to be truly engaged. There is nothing better for language development than reading. Board books like this are my favorite when they’re little. Amazon Prime, too!

8. Polka Dot Bikini- Cutest polka dot bikini for both of my girls! It’s under $10!! The quality is great - and best part - there are several color options.

9. Rainbow Stamp Pad - A must have if you have any stamp fans in your house! Easy storage and clean up.

10. Chunkies Paint Sticks - Perfect for tiny hands who are just getting into arts & crafts! Easy to hold and no mess involved. The best part is no brush required and it dries super fast.

11. Ergonomic Crayons - Perfect for right handed or left handed kids. Erasable!! Super cool addition to our art collection.

12. Rainbow Patch Tote - Rainbows are definitely trending right now and Dallas wouldn’t put this down the other day at Target. She is really into purses and carrying around her “stuff” so I went back to get this for her. She will love it!

13. Floral Jellycat - Okay, I am sucker for Jellycat. Are they a bit pricey for a stuffed animal..maybe. Are they the softest things ever created…yes! Dallas and Remi each have their own collection of Jellycat and I had to add a bunny to the group for Easter!

14. Llama Llama Time To Share - Big Llama Llama fans over here! Anne Dewdney has done such a great job with this series and my goal is to own them all.

15. Giant Sticker Collection - Dallas is just now getting into sticker books. Stickers are great for small muscle movement, hand-eye coordination, fine-motor skills, and independent play. I love this giant sticker collection because of the variety and themes found within the book.

Haley Brandstater