Post Partum MUST HAVES!

After having 2 babies in 24 months I definitely have my favorites or “go- to’s” when it comes to post partum health and recovery. Every woman has a different experience having children and I simply want to share mine in hopes that it may help another mama to-be in her recovery. Due to a blood clotting issue in my past I chose to have both of my daughters via cesarean section. Therefore, some of the products that I will share here may not be of benefit to all of you. However, keep reading because many are nursing items and things that brought me general comfort for the first few weeks post birth.

  1. Nursing Gowns - I’ve listed every nursing gown that I owned post baby! Each one was functional, washed well, and comfortable! These gowns have everything a nursing mother needs. I am no longer nursing but I still wear the Soma gown because the material is so soft - ha!

2. Nursing Bras - There is nothing worse than trying to navigate the road to successful breastfeeding and find yourself with a lousy nursing bra. I found a few that made the transition seamless and kept me comfortable - even when I was in pain.

3. Squeem Waist Cincher - Okay, so this is my favorite item on this list. I'm kind of ashamed to admit that - but it’s true. A friend of mine shared this with me and it was a game changer. So, unofficially it moves everything back in place and helps with the uterus shrinking back to it’s original position. It is so important to support your abs and stomach post birth. This can help with any experience postpartum but especially women who have c-sections or who have had multiple pregnancies - as that puts even more stress on your abdominal muscles. This would even be a great baby shower gift. I gifted one to a friend and she claims it was her favorite and most used item she received! I still wear mine every week for a few hours!

4. C-Panty Recovery - This item is specifically for mother’s experiencing c-section recovery. The C-Panty is a MUST HAVE if you are planning to have a c-section. The C-Panty will help reduce swelling, scarring, and discomfort around the incision site. It uses compression and a medical- grade silicone panel over the incisions site to minimize scar formation and helps retains moisture to promote faster healing. The C-panty comes in black and nude. It’s a no brainer!

5. Nursing Pads, Nipple Creams, Etc. - I’ve listed several of the products I used while nursing both of my daughters. The Lanisoh TheraPearl was my favorite as I had recurring mastitis with both babies. It helped with clogged ducts when heated and with soreness/pain when frozen. I found multiple uses for the therapy pads.

6. Haakaa - WASTE NO MILK! My sister-in-law put me onto this product and it’s amazing. So, if you have nursed before you know that while baby is nursing on one side - the other side will likely leak. Therefore, your precious milk is being wasted. The HaaKaa’s purpose is to catch the let down. It easily suctions to your breast and catches the leaking milk. I used this while I was only pumping on one side, too. It also functions as a manual pump - which is perfect when on the go. If you want to savor all that magic milk- get it!

These are just a few of the items that helped me with my postpartum recovery. The weeks after having a baby can be some of the happiest and darkest times of your life - all at the same time. Your body and mind is experiencing a rush of emotions and hormonal changes and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Plan ahead, hang in there and know that all is temporary. Babies don’t keep!

Haley Brandstater