Top 10 Baby Must Haves!

Back to the baby talk! I don’t claim to be an expert but I have had 2 babies within the last 24 months and have my opinions about what works and what doesn’t! However, I know certain items work great for some people and others not so much! Below are the top 10 items you need (and will actually use and find benefit) for your baby.

  1. Bumbo Seat - This is a must! I used this often when I was getting ready for the day and needed a place to sit Remi so she was occupied and not lying on her back. I think another benefit of this seat is that it encourages sitting up for the babies teetering the line!

2. Ingenuity Swing - This is a game changer for the first 3 months! Dallas and Remi both used this swing and it’s still holding up like new. It has a mobile that spins and soft nursery music (if you choose!). It also has lights that you can turn on for baby. There are multiple settings for speed. I highly recommend this swing.

3. Fisher Price Jumperoo - I use this phrase often but it’s because it’s true - this is a game changer! I would say my girls used this from around 3 months - 7 months. It offers great back support and so much to spark baby’s interest. My girls loved this!

4. Ingenuity Automatic Bouncer - This was super popular in our home. Both of our girls used this from newborn age - 5 months (ish). It depends on the size of your baby. It bounces (duh), has soft music, and vibrates. This was very soothing for our girls and gave us free hands every now and then. This was great for when I was cooking or getting ready - put baby in and get to it! The best part is - when your baby turns 2 and no longer can fit into this (but you still need it for your infant) she will entertain you (and herself!) by body slamming herself into for hours on end.

5, Ergo Carrier -MUST HAVE! This is an absolute must. I used this for Dallas when we were out and about, traveling (super helpful at airports), grocery stores, and everything in between. I used this with Remi around the house because I had a 17 month old when she was born and needed extra hands! Needless to say - it came in handy for both of my girls and I don’t know how I would have survived without it. Both girls loved it and seemed very comfortable.

6. Honest Backpack - Okay. Best. Buy. Ever. Seriously. When I opened this at my baby shower my grandmother said “That’s your diaper bag?!” I think she was expecting something much more girly. However, this bag is super functional, has plenty of space, goes with all of your outfits :), and your husband can wear it, too! We have used this so much that we are in desperate need of a new one. Get it!

7. Bob Stroller - We had the single Bob when Dallas was an only child and bought the double Bob when Remi arrived. We are very active and like that the Bob stroller is so versatile. We take it everywhere. The zoo, the grocery, and we even check it at the gate when we fly! We love the Bob strollers!

8. Fisher Price Baby Bath - Definitely recommend investing in a baby bath of some sort. This is the one we used for both girls. I like it because this bath can graduate with your baby to all phases and it’s very affordable. It is a 4-1 sling seat. We used this until Dallas was 9-10 months old.

9. Hush Sound Machine - Going to be honest - MY FAVORITE THING OF ALL TIME. We have 3 of these. Dallas has one in her room, Remi has one in her room, and we have an extra just in case! Our girls sleep with this sound machine for night sleep and day time naps. This particular sound machine beats all the other options because the size is perfect for traveling. We can sit this in the stroller while we are running errands and the girls can nap. We take it everywhere. It has 4 volume adjustments and 5 different sounds to choose from. We typically use the basic “white noise”. If you are in the market for a sound machine - do yourself a favor and get this one!

10. Food Catcher Bibs - These may seem a little trivial compared to the other big name items. However, they save me money! How? Babies are messy when they eat. Really messy. These bibs catch all the food that doesn’t make it to their sweet little mouths. I can’t even imagine all the stain remover I would have to buy if it were not for these bibs! Not kidding - get some!

I hope you enjoyed seeing my “must have” list. Everyone finds what works for them and this is definitely what worked for us! Happy baby shopping!

Haley Brandstater